Guelph Resources

The City of Guelph sits in the heart of Southwestern Ontario with a population of over 130 thousand. Being 100km west of Toronto and 24km east of Cambridge, it’s central location makes commuting to areas such as Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge, Milton and Toronto an easy commute.

Guelph is home to advanced manufacturing jobs, green tech firms as well as high paying government and education jobs leaving Guelph with a miniscule unemployment rate. Our city’s vacancy rate is below 1%, meaning that investors don’t need to work very hard to find a tenant. Not only does Guelph have a tight rental market, values of Guelph homes continue to rise as high as 16% in 2016.

In 2017 Guelph was named the number one city to buy real estate in all of Canada by Moneysense

Our city doesn’t stop at investment, the community here is happy and welcoming making Guelph a very difficult place to leave. We hope you come for a visit and see for yourself!