Realtor to Realtor

Relocating can be difficult, but we believe that with the right Realtor it doesn’t have to be. If you have a client who’s considering moving to or out of Guelph, we would love to help make their move as smooth and pleasant as possible. With a combined experience of 25+ years in the Guelph Real Estate market as well as being Guelphites since birth, we can provide your client with everything they need for buying and selling in Guelph. Getting to work with clients who are moving to Guelph for the first time are some of our favourite clients to work with! It gives us the chance to really show them what makes our city such an awesome place to call home.

Your clients’ experience here in Guelph is important to us and, given the opportunity, we can guarantee that we will look after them to the best of our abilities. We understand that a referral from you comes with an immense amount of trust that we can ensure isn’t taken lightly.

If you have or know of someone considering buying or selling in Guelph don’t hesitate to contact us – we love to talk about our amazing city!

“Kristin sold my clients a gorgeous home that they are totally satisfied with. They had only good things to say – I know who I’m sending my referrals to whenever I have a client looking to purchase in the area!” – David Ursino Realtor Referral